Hayabusa Exhaust

Buying a new Hayabusa exhaust system is one of many ways that you can increase the performance of your Hayabusa motorcycle, and is also great for changing up the look.
Suzuki Hayabusa motorcycles are awesome, powerful machines which are known for their high performing abilities. One of the best ways to accentuate the power and looks of a Hayabusa motorcycle is to upgrade the exhaust.

When choosing your new Hayabusa exhaust system you’re going to be faced with many options from style, material, and price. The most popular kinds of exhaust materials consist of stainless materials such as stainless steel, aluminum, teflon, and of course, carbon fiber. In addition to being stainless, all of these materials are incredibly lightweight which is obviously most important as there’s no point in buying a performance motorcycle part if it’s only going to weigh you down and hinder performance.

Once you decide on the type of material you want your new Hayabusa exhaust to be, then you’ll have to then look at the style of pipes you want. The shape of your exhaust pipes are going to determine the type of sound your bike produces. Choosing your Hayabusa exhaust shape is kind of like choosing your own personal signature. The sound your pipes produce is the sound people are going to recognize you, and identify you as from a distance. Because of this, choosing exhaust pipe shape is somewhat of a personal process.

The most common Hayabusa exhaust shapes are oval, cylindrical and megaphone, but you can get different caps for each of these styles. The type of cap you choose for your exhaust will allow you to fine tune the sound your machine puts out.

The amount of money you want to spend on your exhaust will determine the amount  performance increase you can expect. Prices for Hayabusa exhaust usually range from around $500 for standard pipes and go up to around $1,700 for the more exotic models like Sidewinders and Megaphones.